Women’s Health

Throughout the various stages of a woman’s life, there are a variety of difficult events which increase her risk of experiencing depression and anxiety.

Depending on your in-born temperament/personality and your early childhood experiences, each woman has a unique reaction to these life challenges. It is understandable when we get caught up in a negative loop of thoughts and end up feeling exhausted and stuck.

  • Dating/Finding a partner: Are you choosing well? Are you discouraged by seeing an unproductive pattern of similar situations?

  • Infertility/Miscarriage: Even if it does not make any rational sense, some women feel like they have somehow failed. Are you struggling to deal with this kind of heart-break and frustration?

  • Childbirth: Do you feel overwhelmed or do you even suspect a more serious diagnosis of Post Partum Depression?

  • Infidelity: Women can feel completely devastated by the feelings of anger, hurt, fear, and betrayal. Do well intentioned friends and family give advice that produces more confusion and frustration for you? Or, perhaps, it doesn’t feel safe to tell anyone and you feel completely alone.

  • Divorce: Are you struggling to make sense of what happened? Do you feel like you are living someone else’s life? Talking about these kinds of situations with an experienced, highly trained therapist does reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety that get in the way of living a full, balanced life.

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