Couples who enter counseling at the first signs of distress will have an opportunity to repair the relationship more easily.

When unproductive patterns of behavior are allowed to develop over the years, there is a higher risk of creating real damage between the partners.

  • Do you hear yourselves arguing about the same things over and over again? Sex, money, parenting, family, amount of time together/apart, home & work responsibilities

  • Do you feel stuck with the same feelings after a fight? Hurt, lonely, misunderstood, angry, resentful, frustrated, belittled, shamed?

  • Do you speak to each other with contempt, or with constant criticism? Name-calling, labeling, insults, swearing, physical aggresion, emotional abuse, bullying, controlling.

    Why would we believe that people should just naturally know how to be in a healthy, happy relationship?  Learn how to improve your communication and receive the understanding you deserve. Strengthen the couples' team so you can negotiate together whatever life brings your way.

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