Couples Counseling

I’ve often thought that our intimate relationships could come with a suggested yearly tune-up or check-up, much like our cars and our physical exams. Being in relationship with our partners can sometimes be hard work.  People wonder whether they would benefit from a brief course of couples’ counseling.  It is clear that when a negative loop of interaction has been established over the course of many, many years, it is more difficult, though not at all impossible, to learn new ways of  communicating with each other. 

When couples come in to counseling early in the relationship when they notice that things just aren’t going well, that their time together doesn’t feel right, it is easier for everyone to sort out what is really going on.  Fortunately, it usually turns out to hinge on one or two core issues.  We can uncover those primary differences in belief systems or personality styles within a few sessions.  

Clients worry that counseling will take forever or that it will be necessary to focus endlessly on past events or childhoods.  I have not found that to be true in my practice.  I have found that my direct yet empathic style allows for de-mystifying issues that have confused and frustrated couples for a long time.  There is something about a third person in the room, totally neutral and non-judgmental who can help bring about insights that can change the whole dynamic of a troubled relationship. 

Just bring me your motivation, even if it is dwindling rapidly, and I can help you understand what is going on in order for you to have the satisfying partnership you deserve.

Divorce is expensive. 

Break-ups hurt the heart. 

Give counseling a try.