Financial Stress

Financial Stress

For many individuals and couples these are very challenging financial times.  The stress and anxiety that comes from trying to manage household budgets under these difficult conditions can take a real toll on domestic harmony.Watching retirement and savings shrink creates a great deal of worry and fear and often deep despair.

Just being in a relationship can be difficult enough. When a major stressor is added on top of that, even the most solid relationships can be sorely tested. Behaviors can become more extreme:  anger can flare up unexpectedly, blaming becomes the way that frustration is expressed,  and tension builds. Empathy for the other person's position ,which is the core of any intimate relationship, goes missing.

Just when some couple or individual counseling would be beneficial, the ability to pay for it becomes the issue.  It is an easy predicament to understand.

In my years of experience, I know that it often takes only a few sessions to get the relationship issues on the table and begin moving toward a mutual understanding and new ways to move forward.

I work with clients using a very direct, interactive style. My goal is to help clients develop tools to improve their lives and move on. Counseling and psychotherapy can be a short term commitment that makes a big difference in your long term commitments.