Moving On

At some point in your life, somebody is going to look at you and warmly say, "It's time to move on."  It could be about a break up, a lost job, or a pet that passed away.  Sometimes, it is hard to move on.  Friends and family can move on more quickly from events in your own life because their attachment to the person, pet, or job is not part of their identity.  When we lose important things in our lives, a piece of our identity is lost as well.  It's like waking up one morning and not knowing your last name anymore.  That would take some time to get used to.  It's ok to feel bad about lost things and grieve longer than the people in your life give you time for. 

With that said, however, when is it time to listen to that trusted friend who says, "Move on."  When do they become right and you become the hapless victim or your life that is powerless to rebuild and start living.  That is a tough question and one loaded with opinion and bias.  Part of therapy is to help you decide when it has been enough.  When it is time to clean out the closet, take down the pictures, or stop rethinking and reliving.  Letting go can seem impossible until you start slow and let go one finger at a time.